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The International Library is located at Odengatan 59, in the centre of Stockholm. If you travel by public communication you may take the underground to Odenplan, or the bus to Stadsbiblioteket. More information on bus- and underground travel is found at Stockholm Transport's website.

Mailing address:
Internationella biblioteket
113 80 Stockholm

1st Floor: 08-508 31 288
2nd Floor: 08-508 31 289
Fax: 08-508 31 240
E-mail: ib.ssb@stockholm.se

Larry Lempert
Telephone: 08-508 31 220
E-mail: larry.lempert@stockholm.se

If you have opinions on the library that you would like to share with us, please send us a mail!


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Internationella Biblioteket
Odengatan 59
113 22 Stockholm 
www.interbib.se english Sidansvarig: Elisabet Risberg