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Opening hours during summer, June 16th - August 10th:

Monday - Friday: 9-19
Saturday: 12-16
Sunday: closed

Arabiska böcker Welcome to the International Library
On this web site we present a selection of our books and music, primarily books acquired 2004 and later in Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Polish, Russian and Spanish. You will also find information about the library, how to obtain a library card, opening hours, and much more. We have arranged the information on the site into separate searchable sections. There are also links to various other library catalogues and shops in and out of Sweden.
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språkcafebild.jpg Swedish language café
Language café during the spring 2014
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Opening hours

The International Library is open all days of the week, with the exception of certain holidays and during summer.

Monday - Friday 09.00-19.00
Saturday - Sunday 12.00-16.00

Would you like to renew your loans?

If you want to renew your loans you can either visit the library, call us or renew your loans on the Stockholm public library website - go to "Log in". You can also search for books on the same website.

The Library answers                                                   

How many Swedes have a TV? Why is the propeller positioned at the front of an aircraft, but at the back of a boat? How do you build tree huts? What do you want to know more about?

The Library answers is a answering-service free of charge. You can turn to us with what ever questions you want to in many different languages and receive an answer via e-mail within at the latest the next workday. Library staff from all over Sweden are part of this service. The Library answers is administrated  by Interlibrary Loan and Information Services in Umeå, Stockholm and Malmö  as well as by the International Library.



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