Barnboksveckans gäster 2013: Roberto Piumini

Roberto Piumini från Italien har skrivit mer än 300 böcker, pjäser, sånger och diktsamlingar för barn och ungdomar, men han har också skrivit för vuxna. Att han blev författare var något som bara kom till honom, nästan som en plötslig händelse.

IB: Why did you become a children’s books author/illustrator? Were you interested in stories and pictures as a child, or was it your own child that needed stories, or is it a way to make the world a better place to live in?
RP: I started writing stories and poems when I was about 30 years old, almost by accident and as an outlet for my expressive needs. I’d been dealing with theatre and children education for years, and that sure helped, but writing as a job kind of came to me without particular planning or vocation.
IB: Do you write also for adults?
RP: I do write poetry, stories and novels for adults, and I also translate poetry. Several of my books for adults are literary reworkings of texts that had been written for children.

IB: Do you believe that children’s books should be read by grown ups as well?
RP: One of my best known books, Lo stralisco, has been published for children and then, without any changes, for adults. If a text has a literary value, there are no boundaries to its possible readers.
IB: Do you remember when and where your first text/illustration was published?
RP: My first book was Il giovane che entrava nel palazzo (The young man who entered the palace), published by Nuove Edizioni Romane in 1978.
IB: What are you working on right now?
RP: Several things at once. Right now I’m writing a book about eight famous queens in history, a collection of short stories featuring a bear named Bobbo (that’s how my grandson Pietro calls me) and a pilot text for a series of detective stories for kids set in Apulia that will probably become a TV series as well.