Barnboksveckans gäster 2014 : Paro Anand

Paro Anand började hitta på berättelser för att spetsa till sin till synes trista vardag med spännande lögner! Hennes första text publicerades i en tidskrift och känslan när hon för första gången såg sitt namn i tryck är något hon aldrig glömmer.

Why did you become a children’s books author? Where you interested in stories and pictures as a child, or was it your own child that needed stories, or is it a way to make the world a better place to live in?

In a way, all of the above. But mostly, I was a great liar. I thought my life was very boring and i needed to spice it up with exciting lies. so storytelling came as the natural next step! My first book, Pepper the Capuchin Monkey and other stories, has a story in which I had told my school mates that I had a pet monkey!

Do you write also for adults?

I write stories and hope someone out there will read them. Well, I have written one book that is about women in their 70s-80s which is an adult novel. But some of my work is called 'crossover' meaning that it is for young adults and adults

Do you believe that children’s books should be read by grown ups as well?

Absolutely. I'm totally against tight compartments in reading

Do you remember when and where your first text was published?

How could one forget? I was first published in a magazine and it was magical seeing my name in print. After many years, being up on stage for the release of my book, seeing it in other people's hands. Awesome. And its actually like that even now. Seeing someone at an airport or cafe reading my book still sends chills down my spine.

Do you have a favorite among your books?

My books are like my children, i couldn't possibly say this is my favorite child over that. yes, there are some that are more successful, more famous and earn more than others, but a mother doesn't love the one who is not so famous, any less.

What are you working on right now?

3 books and a screenplay!!! One is a collection of stories about birds - both traditional, folk and my own (stories, I mean, not birds). The second is an adventure with a tiger cub as a central character, the third is a novel about losing one's home and the screenplay is based on one of my books. I'm working with the director/writer and its quite a challenge. And I have a book coming out this year. Its called 2 and I've co-written it with a Swedish writer.