The International Library uses cookies on its website. Cookies are small text files that lie in your computer to make the website as easily accessible as possible.

There are two types of cookies:

1. a stored, or persistent, cookie that lies in the computer during a definite period of time
2. a session cookie is temporarily saved on the computer and disappears when you close the browse

On, we use stored cookie so that pages show the same theme or adapts to what you visited previously. We also use a session cookie that enables the page to remember that you logged in while you browse through the site.

The International Library doesn’t gather personal information through cookies.

If you don’t want websites to use cookies you can disable them in your privacy settings. You can also set your web browser in a way that you are asked a question every time a website tries to place a cookie in your computer. In the browser you can also delete cookies that have been placed there during previous visits. Read your browsers’ help page to get more information.

If you disable cookies your browser may not function the way it should.

National Post and Telecom Authority, which has regulatory authority in this area, has additional information about cookies on its website.

The Swedish Post and Telecom authority (in Swedish)