Using the library

The International Library is part of the Stockholm Public Library and is located at Odengatan 59, in central Stockholm. If you live in the area you are welcome to borrow books, newspapers, films and music. If you live in another locality in Sweden you can utilize your local library. There, the staff will help you order our books.

Borrow books, film and music from the library

To borrow from us you need a library card, which is free. The card is valid throughout the city of Stockholm. If you apply for a library card you need valid proof of identity.

At the International Library there are about 200,000 books in more than 100 languages, for both children and adults. You can also borrow our CDs and DVDs, which are from around the world. Our staff, many of whom are knowledgeable about languages, can help you.

Computer and wireless connections at the library

The International Library provides computers for visitors with library cards. You can even book time with a computer. If you have your own computer you can use the library’s network to connect with the internet free of charge.

More than books and computers

At the library we accommodate a variety of programs, often in cooperation with different associations. These events might be storytelling, visits from writers or a book presentation. Like many other libraries we have a language café, and in our teaching environment you can get computer support. All of our activities are listed in the calendar.

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