Borrowing and reservations

Following is a summary of our borrowing terms:

• Borrowing books is free
• The library card is free
• To apply for a library card you must show your ID
• If you are under 18 years of age you need a legal guardian’s signature. If you are 16 year old and have an ID you don’t need a guardian’s signature.
• You are responsible for all the books borrowed on your card.
• Guardians are responsible for all the books borrowed on their dependent’s card.
• The loan period is normally four weeks, but there are exceptions.
• You can borrow the same book twice, but there are exceptions
• If there’s a queue for a book the loan period is two weeks.
• You can return the book to any of the libraries that belong to the Stockholm Public Library system.
• You are responsible for returning the book before the end of the borrowing period.
• You will have to pay a fine if the book is late.
• Children under 18 years do not pay a fee.
• If you don’t return a book the library will send you an invoice for the cost of the book.
• If the book is damaged during your borrowing period you will be required to replace it.
• You can borrow a maximum of 50 items at the same time consisting of a maximum of 20 music CDs, 5 DVD films and 5 VHS films.

Borrowing period

The normal borrowing period is four weeks for:
• books and audio books
• music CDs
• documentaries

Two weeks borrowing period applies to;
• newspapers
• feature films

During the summer, the borrowing period is 6 weeks.

Borrowing the same book

You can borrow the same book twice in a row. You cannot do so if:
• you have borrowed the book twice in a row
• there is a queue for the book
• you have accumulated fees of 100 SEK or more
• you have been charged for the book
• you are blocked from borrowing

You can borrow a book via the website. Log in with your library card number and pin code and choose, “My borrowed books.” You can also call or visit the library and get help from us about how to borrow the same book. The telephone number for customer service is 08-508 30 900.

About reservations

• It costs 10 SEK to borrow a book.
• Children under 18 can reserve a book at no charge.
• Adults can reserve a children’s book at no charge.
• You can reserve a maximum of 20 books at the same time.
• If you are under 18 years of age you can reserve a maximum of 10 items at the same time.
• If you have accumulated fees of 100 SEK or more you cannot reserve a book.
• You cannot reserve reference books.
• You cannot reserve newspapers or magazines.


Applies to borrowers who are 18 years and above  

• new library cards: 20 SEK
• reservations: 10 SEK
• late fees: 10 SEK per item and per beginning of each week
• reminders: 10 SEK
• coverage: 50 SEK

Late fees cannot exceed 100 SEK per items.

Lost or damaged items:

• book: 300 SEK
• book and CD: 300 SEK
• audiobooks: 300 SEK
• music CDs: 300 SEK
• DVDs: 600 SEK
• newspaper, single copy: 100 SEK
• newspaper, annual volume: 300 SEK

Children up to 18 years of age don’t pay a late fee, but must pay a replacement fee for a lost or damaged items:
• book: 100 SEK
• book and CD: 100 SEK
• audiobook: 100 SEK
• music CD: 100 SEK
• DVD: 600 SEK

You pay the fee at the library. You can pay with a credit card. You cannot replace a damaged or lost book with an equivalent example.

If you have accumulated fees of 100 SEK or more you cannot borrow or reserve any items. When you have paid, you can start borrowing and reserving again.

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