Audio books

In most libraries there are two types of audio books: ordinary audio books and audio books for the disabled.

Ordinary audio books are available on CD, tapes or mp3 files, but also available as streaming media to computers or mobile devices over the Internet. Audio books are produced by publishers and can also be purchased or borrowed by anyone. The International Library has audio books for both children and adults, but these are limited in terms of breadth and languages. Our library catalogue indicates whether we have audio books in your language.

We also have audio books for people with different kinds of disabilities. These books cannot be purchased but can only be loaned from the library. The format for these books is called DAISY and these books can be listened to on special DAISY players, computers, tablets, portable reading devices or mobile phones that can play mp3 files.

The International Library doesn’t have any of these audio books but the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) produces and loans out books that are adapted for those with print disabilities. Some of these are books are in languages that are not Swedish.  You can download one of these audio books from MTM’s catalogue to your computer. MTM has information in several languages about these books.

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