International Library’s media

The International Library is open for everyone. The library is a meeting place that fosters interest in literature and reading. Our goal is that our stock of books and other media would be interesting for a wide range of people. The media should represent different views on political, religious and moral questions as long as they aren’t in conflict the UN’s declaration on human rights. An aim of the activity is that it should proceed from an awareness of the children’s perspective on the UN’s convention on children’s rights.

We try to adapt our purchases so that they match demand. Certain languages have many readers and, consequently, the orders for books from these languages are significant. Other languages have few readers in Sweden and consequently the selection of books is smaller. There are also languages for which there is a large demand but there are difficulties in acquiring new books. The reason may be there aren’t that many books that are published or written in that language, or it is simply difficult for us to get hold of the books that are available.

The library stocks both popular fiction and nonfiction. There is also more specialized media, but because the International Library is a public library we can never have as complete a collection as a research library.

If you have a proposal for a book, writer or a certain subject matter that you think we should focus more on please provide us with a purchasing proposal. But you must be prepared that even if we decide to purchase a book you’ve suggested it may take a long time before it arrives.

The International Library has small selection of newspapers and magazines in foreign languages most in demand. We have selected the most common ones that contain both news and cultural content. We don’t subscribe to special interest journals that, for example, focus exclusively on sport or fashion.

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