Library card

You need a library card and a pin code to be able to borrow books from the International library. The card is free and can be used at all libraries that are part of the Stockholm Public Library.

You can use the card when you want to:
 - Borrow books and change the media in our Self service machines
 - Reserve and borrow on our web site
 - Reserve a computer or use the wireless network at the library

You can also:
- Borrow books (mostly in Swedish) at
- Search the library’s database from home at

Order a library card

Register yourself as a borrower with us. You can do this by filling in a form the form directly on the website or when you visit the library. Pick up your card at the library. Don’t forget your ID card.

Note that you must have a valid home address in Sweden.

Download the form here (pdf)

For those under 18 years
If you are under 18 and don’t have a valid ID your parent or guardian should sign the form. You can download the form from the website or get one when you visit the library.

About the pin code
You need a pin code for the library card. The code consists of four numbers. You can decide your code when you register for the card. If you don't have or forgot your pin code you will receive help to choose a new one at the library. Don’t forget your ID.

If you lose your card

It’s important that you invalidate your library card if you lose it.  You are responsible for all the loans made against your card, even if someone else uses it. Call or visit the nearest library to invalidate your card.

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